Pop your bubble and learn to communicate and collaborate successfully across disciplines and sectors. 

  • Expand your career opportunities
  • Connect with business, communities, government, creative opportunities and other scientists
  • Turbo-charge funding applications
  • Learn to communicate complex science in simple human language
  • See your research in context
  • Understand your audience
  • Find your story
  • Rediscover your passion
  • And share it with others.

These services are the result of almost 10 years research and experimentation around the question - how can I help release the potential of science for the world? Grown from within the science community specifically to meet the needs of modern scientists and technical professionals. They draw from the world-renowned Imperial College Masters programme in Science Communication, from the inspiration and example of my mentor Sir Paul Callaghan and from my own research and experience.

The following two flagship programmes were developed and piloted at Victoria University of Wellington over the last two years. Both were enormously successful - relatively small targeted interventions that released massive amounts of energy and impact - a little like nuclear fusion. 

Tell us a Story:

The world’s first storytelling workshop series, challenge and show for postgraduate scientists and engineers. An incredible culture creating, skill building, attention grabbing event series. Building capability and collaboration across the university and generating public and political support for research. Find out more at the Tell Us a Story Website. Read what participants, staff and audience members said here.

9 Scientists and an Architect:

This programme acts like a connection machine - training up to 10 scientists or technical professionals in communication and collaboration skills then connecting them with key people in different sectors and disciplines. The result is a network of cross-sector relationships from which collaboration and career opportunities naturally follow. Contact me for further information. 

Here's what the participants said:

“This was the first time I realised the wider significance of my research for NZ.”  
“Thanks to your encouragement to invite someone to our final event I am potentially taking on a 3 year stock assessment contract.... If I get this I’ll be set up for my career. It’s my dream job. Pretty cool!” 
“The programme inspired me to be really natural, not only to the audience but to myself. Instead of trying to give this "ideal" 
presentation, I just played my strengths to really get my passion and message across. I realised that the research details I thought were necessary, just ate up time and didn't add much. I remembered that sometimes, what is not said is just as powerful as what is said.” 
“Just want to thank you again for helping me find the right contact in Telecom. Am really excited to inform you that I have finally signed a "research agreement" with Telecom and will start collecting data really soon!” 
“The programme made me realise that it’s really easy to approach people – that I can just ring them up. There really isn’t any barrier.” 
“Practicing to tell a story in the simplest way made me think about some issues in my research more deeply than I had before. Surprisingly, this has made some parts of my research more comprehensive even for myself. It taught me that the best way even to understand the problem is making it simpler and simpler.” 
“This was the first time I've ever given an informal talk for a lay audience. At first I was full of doubts about whether I could communicate my topic without making the audience mixed up or bored. But once I started talking I felt I was connected to the audience and there wouldn't be any problems.” 
“Usually I tend to put science before humanity. The course made me aware that I should try to incorporate a human connection or element to my talks as this is what most people like to hear”

Workshops and Keynote Speaking:

To introduce your organisation or team to:
  • Fundamental principles and skills of science communication and collaboration
  • Inspiration and vision inspired by the great Professor Sir Paul Callaghan

Individual Coaching (Coaxing):

For individual scientists and technical professionals of any level - to coax the natural communicator out from hiding:
  • Reconnect with your passion and inspiration
  • Inspire, inform and entertain your audience
  • Develop metaphors to communicate complex ideas
  • Find your story
  • Identify your target audience
  • Tap into new networks in business, media, education, arts & community


If you think I could help your organisation or team, let me know. I'd love to chat.