Tell Us a Story Shows this Week!

I've got some really exciting news for you!

It is my pleasure to announce the birth of a new genre -  The Musical Science Storytelling Show!

Over the last month I've been busy organising Victoria University's very first science storytelling challenge and workshop series - Tell Us a Story! The purpose is to help scientists communicate as humans instead of scientists and to woo the audience with tales of inspiration, discovery, heartache and all the other things they're not allowed to talk about in academic papers. Last week we held the challenge heats and have chosen ten of the very best stories for our two grand finale shows this week (which you are most enthusiastically invited to attend).

Ever since I was 15 years old I've wanted to re-unite science and the arts.

I felt this dream coming true when I was sitting in the audience listening to the scientist's stories. By weaving their science into touching, hilarious and inspiring personal tales they managed to captivate the audience.

I shed a tear over a fish! I never imagined that could happen.

I could almost feel my left and right brains being woven together - new connections - neurons firing. The intrigue of intellectual discovery dropped into the centre of human stories - like jewels in the centres of pendants. Science with the people put back in! Beautiful!

In previous posts I've talked about how the public image of science often makes it seem inaccessible, difficult and boring. I see our two storytelling shows this week as a first step in breaking down that barrier. Tonight, the ten finalists will tell their stories in a bar in town (Club Ivy). This represents the science community stepping down from the hill (Victoria University is on a hill overlooking the city), holding its hand out and introducing itself - as if to say "hello! I'm really friendly, approachable and interesting".

To explain the "musical" bit of the new genre - Elf (co-host & organiser) and myself will be making music on the loop machine between the stories. Music will mingle with stories in a magical mix that will mess with your mind in a most mellifluous manner.)

If you are intrigued and find yourself in Wellington on Monday or Thursday evening then come along and see for yourself. You can find all the information and book FREE tickets here - you don't need a ticket for the Nerd Nite event tonight, but you will for Thursday's Grand Finale.

Look forward to seeing you there!