Waka Workshop on the Wanganui, Energy, Information and the Possibilites of Digital Arts

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Wanganui with Jaime Campbell and Sophie Jerram. We're going to board a boat and explore the endless possibilities of the river with American artist John Hopkins. This waka-workshop is part of the Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium. I don’t know a great deal about it yet – just that I have to bring a hat, sunscreen and river clothes and that Sophie told me I have to come because it will be brilliant. 
The symposium goes from Friday till Sunday and we’re going to be exploring the relationship between energy and information; asking such questions as: 
How sustainable is the technology that supports media art?
What new forms of practice are developing at the intersection of energy conservation and production, technology, and art?
How can we balance a global arts practice with the ethical complexities of global air travel, and the social complexities of remote participation?
Digital Art is foreign territory for me. I'm going along because I want to learn more about the ways artists explore and explain ideas. I want to immerse myself in the culture some more. I'm thinking that digital art could be an awesome medium to explore and communicate science. I recently met a VJ who got me all excited about the possibilites of mixing scientific images with music and performance. I'm hoping to meet some more cool people and create some possibility bubbles with them.

How could digital art help bring alive the magical worlds of nanotechnology or biomimicry, for example?

or help connect scientists with the wider community??

I'll ask people questions and see what emerges...

I've met with lots of people in the last month and I really really want to tell you about them... The meetings have been so encouraging and inspiring. There's been lots and lots going in and not nearly enough coming out! But I'll get there! All will be revealed... 

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