A poem inspired by the meeting of Art and Science

A couple of nights ago I arrived home from the Aotearoa Digital Arts Symposium in Wanganui. I never expected the experience to catalyse such a shift in me. Whether it was the constant presence of the river, our waka journey, conversation, reflection, I'm not sure. But I've returned with a longing to write poetry and to connect with the flow of the natural world around me; to step back from rational arguments and intellectual discussion for a momentI feel the artist, or poet, in me waking up. This first poem was inspired by a growing sense of commonality between art and science.


An artist

A scientist

Two explorers

who walk outside and in the shards of light filtering through cloud

see more

see layers

of meaning, of mystery

subterranean worlds to burrow

for hidden treasure - barely seen

but intuitively known

connections beneath perception






Awake to things

The world is asleep to

Awakening dreams –


of molecules

a billionth the width of a human


poised in vast space –

turning, vibrating


of atomic nuclei

smaller than imagination - spinning

like tops

engaged in eternal dance


dreams of light

transforming particles of water

into gold

evoking dimensions of human


and memory


I have always been

a scientist

and an artist

yearning to live in a living world

with no edges

where I move from moment to moment

feeling for depth

seeing in falling leaves

a dance of gravity, friction, form

and mass


and a metaphor

for surrender

a lesson for life – how to be

gentle and flexible


I have always been

an artist

and a scientist

happiest away from the crowd

burrowing down some new hole

having found something more compelling

than money

or friends

following a sense

of intuition



rummaging through structures of reason

for hidden assumptions –

exact points of contradiction




in the system we live in – fashion, money, belief

the matter we stand on – solid, energy, space


I am always


for the illusion of reality to dissolve


so we stand

in the presence of life itself


cracked open


wide eyed 


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