A Journey Begins

This Sunday I will embark on a journey of discovery around New Zealand.

My aim is to discover and draw together the threads of a new Kiwi vision and culture that cherishes the values and strengths of all our country’s communities and sectors.

I feel something very exciting brewing in the nooks and networks of New Zealand.

I’ve felt it while talking to scientists, artists, environmental activists, entrepreneurs, politicians, architects, economists and community volunteers. I feel it in my bones!

But it’s not the kind of story you see in the news.

It feels like time for New Zealand to shake off the dependence and hesitance of youth and to stand up for what is unique and strong about our country - the ingenuity, creativity and determination of our people and the wisdom, power and beauty of our ancient land.

My plan is to track down the rebellious optimists – the inspired Kiwis who have seen a positive future for the country and are working hard to make it a reality. I want to find out what sets them on fire, what challenges and inspires them and what they think we need to do to achieve their vision.

As I go I’ll collect common threads from across the sectors and communities. With these threads, together with the network of inspired, motivated people, I hope to weave a shared vision for the country – a vision that touches the hearts of all New Zealanders.

For me it will be a journey of growth and exploration – coming into tune with my country and imagining possibilities for my future here.

My inspiration is collaboration. As I travel I will be looking for opportunities to connect the skills, knowledge and passion of the people I meet to form unique, co-operative initiatives that benefit everyone involved. I will bring my own personal skills and experience as a science communicator to the mix.

I see a special place for science in the culture and identity of New Zealand. There is something about the open-minded, inventive, practical, rule-bending spirit of New Zealand that resonates with the spirit of science.  And I believe the science community holds invaluable secrets to enrich the culture, environment and wealth of our people.

So, on Sunday morning at 6.30am I will embark on my journey of discovery. At Island Bay Beach in Wellington we’ll be gathering to welcome the sun up on 10/10/10 Global Work Party day (www.350.org). With over 7000 groups of people gathering in 180 countries to celebrate climate solutions on this day it seems like a perfect way to kick off my journey - a message of hope that positive change is possible. 
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